“Ba-buy, ba-buy”

First off, I cannot believe my time in Beijing is coming to an end. It was pretty hard permanently retrieving my “just in case its cold” sweater from the coat rack. My last day I was asked to write a list of everything I had done during my internship and I am very glad I did, because it got me to remember my goals initially and how I had come about accomplishing them. From day 1, I noticed that I was going to be given a lot of opportunities to social network and the main goal I had set for myself was feeling very comfortable social networking along with giving away at least half of my business cards away. I can proudly say I feel very comfortable networking now, as now I am not shy to talk to anyone where ever I go because I am confident in what I have to say and that people will want to listen, especially when you are an American foreigner working for a German company in the German Centre, in China. As far as my business cards go, I was unable to give half of them away, however that is only because a lot of the people I met would prefer we exchange WeChat accounts instead of giving them a Business card. I believe that throughout my internship, I had a very positive attitude and I was even told that I am always smiling, which I truly think was key in developing relationships with my co-workers. Since there was a language barrier at times, it was just necessary to always smile and show that you are willing to continue explaining yourself/attempting to communicate instead of getting impatient. Nobody like to hear the words “just forget it”.

One of my biggest accomplishments is how I developed when it came to executive search. My first interview consisted of asking someone either a classic behavioral question, or a “tell me more about this” ect. In reference to their CV. But by the end I actually understood what was truly important, and it wasn’t the questions you could rehearse for, it was questions like “why didn’t you get promoted?” or “why did you return to your former company after a few years of working for their competitor?” One of my takeaways from the internship was getting to see how recruiting was done on the other side. I found this especially interesting since I will be doing interviews soon for next summer internships. I think I got a better idea of what recruiters look for and how after reading so many resume’s they all sort of mesh together.  Another takeaway is realizing I am happy being in a small office as long as I have good relationships with people, and a shared office is actually much nicer.


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