I cannot wait to go back to UF and share with everyone how great my summer was. There are so many stories I will be sharing and I think people could notice some changes in me. Living in China has made me value even the smallest things I used to take for granted, and after completing my internship, I have so much to take away from this experience.

First, I honestly believe I have improved my critical thinking and writing skills greatly. Many of my projects involved analyzing and evaluating information, and I have compiled multiple research papers, along with staying in contact with other businesses. Second, during the two months, I found that I also had to be very creative. When my boss left China for a while, he told me to, “surprise him” and create some “fun” videos for our new app. The doors were wide open; the only condition was that it had to be free to produce. Like many other times this summer, I just had to work with what was available to me and make the best of it. Third, I got a better understanding of the Chinese market. While my company mainly services expats, my company is hoping to break into the true Chinese market and is taking better steps to appeal to them.

My biggest accomplishment would be the videos I had created for our new app. The software that I used to make it was new and complicated for me to use at first, which is partly why the videos took a long time to make. Also, I had to plan out every second of each “fun” video, while still staying true to our brand. Overall, I am pleased I got to produce content that consumers will actually see.

One thing that surprised me about my internship was the way my company managed our inventory. All it included was a piece of paper taped to the wall and the product along with its quantity, written in pencil. Since it was a small company I understand the current practice, but I wish I could have offered a better technical solution that would still be possible to use as the company grows.

My marketing skills were put to the test at Sigwine and have expanded my skill set. I find myself analyzing other companies’ and brands’ marketing strategies in China and hope one day I will be back in China.



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