Bow Chicka Mao Mao

I personally accomplished the goals because I wanted some desk work experience and I got it. As an entrepreneur, It is good to see the perspectives of employees and what better way than to work with other employees. I also wanted to experience a business start up culture and I got to do that because EventBank is only 3 years in the making. Another goal of mine was to observe cultural differences. Everyday I would have conversations with my Chinese co-workers, I got to know how they behaved with each other, how they gossiped every second they got (It felt like I was watching a novella on Telemundo a lot of the time). My main goal was to experience something different, and I was definitely able to dive into an environment that required me to constantly multitask and motivated me to speak some Chinese from time to time. That’s extremely different from what I’m used to.

My biggest accomplishment was probably being on the logistics team for Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s first annual meeting. I got to meet many world leaders and the hours that I put into it were worth it. I also got to work with AmCham for many events, and we had a lunch in which one in which I met the previous chief of the CIA here in China (that was insanely cool). I also planned an entire Gala for RPI. The President of the Institution Dr. Jackson spoke at the event. Not only was she the first woman to graduate with a PH.D from MIT, but she also sits on the Board of Directors for the NYSE, IBM, Fed-ex and many other companies.  and I won best dressed… we basically set that gala on fire. The AC had to be moved below zero because of our presence. China.

The main takeaway is that I realized how much I hate working a desk job. My supervisor, Kristen, is also a networking goddess so she gave me amazing tips on how to network. Although this trip had much drama, a big takeaway was the friends that I made here. There were some Rain(y) days but they always brought a rainbow, so I thank everyone here for their presence. Finally, this trip has made me realize how much I like to travel, I’ll do more traveling in the future.

P.S. Never forget the gay Pakistani.

Jorge Alvarez RPI

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