The Best Learning Experience

These past two months in China have been amazing. I have learned and grown so much in the eight weeks I’ve been here. There is no doubt that I now not only know more about business and finance, but my Chinese has improved tremendously as well. Comparing my first and last days in the office is like comparing night and day. On the first day, I was nervous, shy, and completely clueless of what was happening around the office. Today, I am excited to be finishing up a successful internship, friendly with all of my wonderful colleagues I’ve gotten to know, and even helping to instruct some of the newer interns that started working here.

As time passed, I felt more comfortable not only talking in the office but also giving my opinions during meetings and on projects; I started to recognize more faces and send a smile or a wave each time I passed someone in the hallway or bumped into them in the elevator. It wasn’t until a couple days after three new interns started working that I was comfortable listening to music through my headphones at the office. This was also the same week one of my coworkers, Kevin, had his new pet centipede delivered to the office. I think that becoming accustomed to and comfortable in the office and learning and understanding financial vocabulary were among some of my greatest accomplishments here at China Bridge Capital. During the very first meeting I attended here, I remember people throwing out words and acronyms like “reverse takeover,” “EBITDA,” and “P multiple.” I remember just blindly writing down these terms without any knowledge of what they meant and looking up their definitions on Google afterwards. Now, I’m able to explain and even interpret these definitions. While I wasn’t able to get to know my coworkers outside of the office, I am already pleased that I am able to joke around with them during lunch in the office.

I’ve always heard teachers and friends say that internships give you hands-on experiences that you can’t obtain in classes. I now know the truth behind this statement. Working in an actual office for two months has taught me more about how to valuate companies, how to create and present portfolios, and even how to treat colleagues and supervisors—all things that can be taught but never really learned until one applies them in real life. While I’ve obtained so many invaluable skills, experiences, and memories from this internship, and I will always be grateful for the lessons I’ve learned at China Bridge Capital.

-Grace Shan

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