Peace Out Girl Scouts

Now that my internship has ended, I am reflecting on my experience while at Beijing 99th Interactive & Entertainment Inc. In the beginning of my internship, I set out 4 goals: learn more about the gaming industry, learn the different departments when coordinating a public relations event, get to know my co-workers even with the language barrier, and try to learn some digital design techniques from the coworker who sits behind me. Throughout my internship, I was able to accomplish some of my goals.

I accomplished learning about the gaming industry because I was researching so many different games and statistics in the gaming market for reports and background knowledge. I also accomplished learning the departments involved in creating a public relations event because I was contributing support to one department in this process and got to see the event go from the panning board to the actual event. Lastly, I accomplished getting to know my coworkers even with the language barrier by playing charades and using other non-verbal communications. I even went go karting with some coworkers.

I could not accomplish learning some digital design techniques. I have always been interested in this skill, but with the projects I was managing during the internship, I did not have time to ask my coworker to teach me some techniques. I am still learning digital design on my own time.

My biggest accomplishment in my internship was assisting the company on their Intel proposal. I was in charge of working with a team to give insightful and relevant information on the Intel proposal. I was researching innovative technologies that could be applied to an Intel event. I recommended the company to proposal to Intel a public relation event that incorporates projection mapping.

Overall, I have grown tremendously during my internship. I have learned so much about the gaming and technology industry, about researching techniques, and statistics. I really enjoyed my time in Beijing 99th Interactive & Entertainment Inc. and I am thankful for all they have taught me.

Victoria Suarez

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