Final days

The last two months have gone by surprisingly fast. In the last two months I have learned a lot about myself and the way that I work. I have also gained a breath of knowledge in regards to the current market and affairs of the legal sector. At the beginning of this internship I set very broad goals for myself as I wanted to walk in with little expectations so  I could get the most out of it. Now, reflecting on my internship I would say that I gave it my 110%.

I have expanded my professional network, not only with my coworkers but that of our clients as well. One of the tasks that I performed at my internship was taking client meeting notes  and helping translate documents. In doing so I was able to interact with clients from around the globe and in different sectors of the industry such as avionics, coal, print manufacturing, and LED technology. All of our clients were influential people in their respective sectors, so being able to meet and learn from them was a great experience.

Before this internship, I knew little to nothing about the legal sector, other markets, working a 9-5 job, business valuations, or analyzing financial documents. I was used to getting things fed to me and having all my questions answered. Working in China has helped me learned to trouble shoot, look for my own answers, and ask my own questions when there is not one to turn to. My internship has challenged in ways that a traditional internship in the States would not have. Here, I overcame communication barriers, built important guanxi with people in the field, saved mine and others mianzi, and learned the ins and outs of good business practices.

Although I am still not entirely sure as to what career path I want to take in the future, this internship has expanded my world and the possibilities are endless. I now know what I do want and do not want in my career in the future.

Beijing, its been good. Thank you for the good times, thank you for the memories.

-Xiu Cheung



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