Farewell Beijing

Through my experience at JingJobs, I always performed to the best of my ability. I was frequently placed in high stress situations where I would often work overtime during the workweek and weekend due to the sheer amount of tasks I was having to balance at once. Initially, I had set numerous goals for myself. These include streamlining processes, successful hosting an event relatively independently, and develop a network to improve my Guanxi in China. I was able to accomplish all of these goals and more. I created several different standardized processes in their financial projections and analysis that will enable better planning in the future. In addition, I also created an event planning guide as well as a new intern guidebook for help assimilate new employees in the future. Lastly, I created a system for inputting applicants that submitted CVs to JingJobs to streamline the process. I successful hosted a Dinner with Mentors with help from my fellow interns. As a team, we completed all stages of planning, financing, and execution. It was a huge success and something that will continue to be an event every 3 months after the initial launch. I also was able to develop a significant network all around China. This was because I periodically went to networking events around Beijing where I benefited both myself and JingJobs, as I helped their brand grow in awareness and new leads for future business. My biggest accomplishment was Dinner with Mentors, though I feel that the streamlining of large portions of JingJobs will be more significant in the long run for JingJobs. As a result of the excellent opportunities I was afforded at this internship, I was able to develop interpersonally, professionally, and individually. I learned quite a bit about myself and the Chinese market, which was big goal of mine. Perhaps the more significant areas of growth came from exercising creativity, time-management, and multitasking in addition to independent projects and tasks that I had to frequently complete. I have gained more knowledge about marketing, financing, and event planning that have developed transferable skills for my future career. Perhaps most importantly, I confirmed my passion for entrepreneurship and I plan on pursing this passion in the near future. Overall, my internship could not have been more perfect if I had hand designed it. I will never forget this experience, JingJobs, or what I have learned.


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