SWOT Analysis: TuneLine Consulting

The main operation of TuneLine Consulting is bringing foreign companies and products into China. They have many strengths and weaknesses, as well as many opportunities and threats.

Their strengths are some of the most important factors in a Chinese business and that is connections. TuneLine is a Chinese company, so it has a stronger tie to other Chinese businesses and investors. It is very difficult for a foreigner to get in touch with anyone important without some help from a local. Furthermore, TuneLine also has many connections to Europe, especially the UK. The founder and partners all worked for international companies, especially multi-billion dollar corporations in the UK and Scotland. In addition to connections, my company also has experienced workers with detailed knowledge of local and national government regulations and policies. From what I have learned throughout my internship, those regulations and policies are what usually break a foreign company when attempting to enter the Chinese market

The weaknesses in TuneLine consist of employee motivation and payment. While the employees are always doing work that they deem important, often times they ignore what their superiors assign them if they do not agree with it. This has been a common problem and much of the work I receive is due to others employees lack of interest. At least it gives me some work to do. In terms of payment, TuneLine often gives multiple sessions of consulting advice before reaching any form of agreement on payment. While they usually do get compensated in the end, there are times when they waste their own resources and time on a lost cause. My co-worker was complaining the other day about giving a few thousand dollars worth of hours in investment banking advice and does not even know if he will ever get paid. That is definitely something that needs to be worked on.

TuneLine’s opportunities are also the same as their threats. China has been moving more towards a market economy and has been opening up business in sectors that were once state owned. This creates many opportunities for TuneLine to bring in foreign companies and products, but also creates the opportunities for other Chinese companies to create the same business model. Currently, TuneLine is one of very few companies that are doing what they do, but that can change very quickly. My boss actually said to me today, “TuneLine is the 2nd best at what we do, but I have yet to find someone better than us”.

~Austin Link

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