Turning Possibilities Into Opportunities

Asia-Pacific Management Consulting has been assisting international corporate and medium-sized companies to expand into Asia since 1997.  Although the company has successfully been able to provide consulting services to international companies from the Beijing office for more than ten years, there are many ways the company can improve their operations in order to expand and grow the business. The daily operations of APMC Beijing are controlled by our supervisor who assign the rest of the employees daily tasks that need to get done in their respective roles (Accounting/Finance, HR, Marketing, etc.).

The company’s biggest strength revolves around being responsive to the client’s individual needs. Many consulting firms typically offer standard solutions that do not necessarily meet the specific needs of the client to ensure success in their business. Our company follows a “four-eye principle” where we double check each step of the process to meeting the requirements of the client in order to make sure that the client is receiving a quality service. Another strength lies in that our company is specialized in being a top consultancy in Asia. The company has qualified Asian and German staff who understand the Asian markets very well and can deliver a quality service to the clients in order for the businesses to succeed, compared to just being a general consultancy.

The company’s weaknesses lie in the lack of attending networking events in the Beijing area to seek potential clients. In consulting, your success relies on the acquisition of new clients to expand the business. APMC needs to take action by selecting important events from different Chambers of Commerce and attending them to network with other companies, with the possibility of gaining a potential client.

An opportunity the company has is that they have recently moved into the German Centre in Beijing. This office provides a strategic location for the company to interact with a large number of German companies who can become potential clients. Having connections with many employees in different positions in different companies within the German Centre will provide many opportunities for the company to grow and expand its client base in Northern China.

The threats the company faces are that of other consulting firms located in the German Centre. The other consulting firms are larger and have global recognition as being some of the best in the respective services they provide. For example, one of their competitors, Simon-Kucher, is recognized as the world’s leading pricing advisor. Therefore, APMC is going to have a tough time trying to differentiate themselves from the larger competitors in order to obtain clients.


-Jonathan Nassar

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