Work Culture and Job Offers

One aspect that has become more and more apparent for me is the real lack of deadlines for the most part in Chinese work culture. Of course if there is a meeting on the 24th then it’s happening on the 24th but as for research and projects a lot of aspects are just worked on until done and not really given deadlines. For example we are working with a communications system and I meet frequently with the French ambassador’s wife who runs the company to complete work together. She is creating the new English website for the company since the CEO wants a more international look as he intends to expand globally. She is also working on the presentation slides the company will give to companies when introducing the company in a meeting or e-mail. She has asked frequently if our company will like certain aspects completed by a certain time and no real time has ever been given just the expectation that it will get done in a timely matter. U.S. work culture runs around deadlines for most aspects of work, which isn’t really seen in China unless it is absolutely necessary. I’ve learned I really prefer to juggle tasks and be constantly busy as it keeps my mind flowing throughout the workday. I also like to organize my tasks in order of importance keeping myself in check as I complete research, analysis, and other tasks. While I do like to work by myself, I also enjoy tackling tasks with others to work through all aspects of the projects faster and more efficiently. My time here has been very interesting and insightful and I have enjoyed my work experience in China. About halfway through my internship I was offered a position out of college if I was interested in returning to China for a couple years before moving to Silicon Valley for the companies’ new branch in the U.S. It was a surreal moment and one I will have to consider strongly going into the future. My approach has been much more independent and hardworking to make up for the lack of communication that happens occasionally. For example some supervisors will give me specific enough tasks such as “Research company X find the key financials, investment attractiveness, and also research its key competitors and find if they can enter its potential future market”. This is very straightforward but I will also have a supervisor ask me “Find and research private SAAS companies” which is very broad and upon asking which companies he will like I will be given an answer such as “As many as you can find”. This has taught me to adapt to different boss styles and also to different personalities. My work is different for each supervisor since they each have their own expectations and styles thus requiring me to adapt my work to the supervisor. Overall a very insightful experience.

-Enrique Madrinan

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