Don’t let me down

Work culture here at EventBank has not been so different from the United States. The CEO, Eric chose not to have his own office because he travels a lot, so instead he sits with the other workers sometimes. There is definitely a stricter hierarchy, because only the English-speaking people initiate conversations with him most of the time. In the U.S, Initiating a conversation with the boss can be casual a lot of the time. There is another co founder, who is the CEO’s wife. They are both the bosses of the office, which is something that would be taboo in the U.S, having your wife work with you and also be the boss of the company. Meaning that if they have an argument or a disagreement at home, EventBank suffers. The Co founder is Chinese and she can be rude to the Chinese worker. For example, she calls them out in front of the entire company sometimes if they make a mistake, which is not something that one should do in the U.S or in China.

My work style requires me to use my mind and my creativity. Some days however, I just feel like inputting Data and listening to podcasts (Planet money, the Joe Rogan Experience, TED talks, etc.). To be honest, I like this because it is something that I am choosing to do and not an order from my supervisor. I like leading others in a way that allows them to use all their talents, meaning that I give them a goal and they could come up with anyway to solve that goal. EventBank allows me to work the way I want to, but sometimes I like to break free if I feel like I’m being micromanaged too much (Which is not usually the case).

In regards to my approach, not much has changed. Although I have controlled my urge to say no, which is something that I will pick back up in the U.S, working here feels very similar to the U.S. Here at work, some co-workers talk to me and we laugh and enjoy the broken conversations. It’s refreshing knowing that someone wants to chat, not because they understand everything you say, but because they genuinely want to create a friendship. My best friend at work, Chen, left the company today to be an Entrepreneur, and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s Bittersweet. I wish him the best. :,)

-Jorge Alvarez

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