Doing Business in China

Chinese work culture is the foundation of my internship since that’s typically what doing business in China entails. My internship at JingJobs is certainly unique however, primarily because the CEO and founder was born in Hong Kong and lived in Australia for a good portion of her life. Overall, I have enjoyed my internship quite a bit because of how well it fits my personality. In the United States, we focus on getting employees to stay from nine to five, regardless of how productive they are. If you were to fall asleep at your desk, you would be considered a slacker who is trying to avoid work. In my internship, the hours that I have frequently are dependent on how productive I am. I always prioritize getting my work done, which will enable me to either complete more work or have some time off. Though I go into the office every day, I do have the option to work from home whenever I like which is a huge benefit that’s rare for interns to have. I have seen several Chinese workers at both JingJobs and other Chinese firms sleeping on the job. I often thought myself due to my American culture, that they were being lazy. In Chinese business culture, it is a sign of working so hard that you have become exhausted. They want you to sleep to a certain extent as it is a good sign that you are helping the company. I have found myself frequently adjusting my attitudes and actions through this experience. I developed an improved perspective on China and how business is done here, as well as common mistakes and things to avoid. I have changed my approach to better fit my environment by understanding how things are done differently and adjusting accordingly. This experience has allowed me to look into another culture that many people in the world have not had the ability to do, which will aid me as I continue to pursue a career in international business. JingJobs has fit my personality, because I love to work hard and get things done with flexibility. I look forward to continuing my internship and am deeply saddened that I only have 2 more weeks left.

Maxwell McNaull

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