A Day in the life at Beijing 99

In the offices in China and the US, there are many differences in the workplace. At Beijing 99, interns are allowed to take vacations (with permission), call in sick days, and are free to roam the office and go wherever we like,  of course given that we complete our work by our given due dates. Our supervisors and also coworkers work and interact casually when they have time. To them, their job is not only what they do to make their money, but it is also their life. It makes sense considering the hours everybody puts in a week. One of the coworkers here does not even like video games (considering that this is a video game company, she feels a little out of place), yet she loves planning events which is  exactly what she is doing right now, so she does not mind at all. In China, the average worker works with incentives to enjoy what they are doing and to be self-sufficient or be able to meet our needs. In America, we have incentives to work hard to move up corporate ladder and gain experience in skills. It does matter how much a job pays, and what opportunities are available for employees.

My own work style has been adapted a lot because I set a lot of my due dates myself, and I have to show initiative to ask for work or for things to help out with. While there are times when my supervisor gives me work without asking, I have to show that I want to do it in order for him to task me sometimes. Therefore, I communicate with him a lot to let him know what I am working on and whether or not I can help him with anything. I prefer having this initiative. Not only does this show that I am interested in the company, but it also shows that I am not afraid to ask for more to do or to be depended upon. They actually asked me to write a report to a client about a specific industry and represent this company because I am completely literate in English. There was so much pressure on this assignment, but I felt comfortable completing it because I knew by completing this task, I would learn so much from the research and actual writing, and also show to my peers that even though I am an intern, I am able to contribute.


-Kevin Oula

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