Typical day at China Bridge Capital

My internship role consists of mostly doing market and company research to then ultimately analyze to find trends. A normal day consists of usually one or two meetings with different supervisors about further research on a certain company or analyzing a specific technological market.  Besides the meetings the days are spent working to find reliable and applicable research on whichever topic is required and then organizing this into an easier to manage collection of information. Everyday around 11:45pm packed lunches are brought in from an outside source and served to the employees who all eat at their own pace. I think that the best features I have experienced from this internship are the people I have had the pleasure to meet. I have met a leader in innovative technologies for the audio world, the J.P. Morgan representative for China, the owner of the largest number of ski resorts in the world, the Morgan & Stanley representative for China, the wife of an ambassador, the owner of an online auction house in China, and other influential people. The actual work aspect has also been interesting and engaging and although it is work, I haven’t minded doing it. One of my goals is simply to provide the best work that I can in order to feel a sense of self-accomplishment. This task is difficult at times when I am asked to create a certain flowchart with advanced uses of excel and PowerPoint and have to work through each step of the chart to figure it out. I don’t mind not being spoon fed since it allows me to learn on my own but sometimes they don’t throw me enough rope to allow me to pull myself back in and that is something I have adapted to as well. Some good strategies to employ is being aware of your work ethic. When it comes to completing work the more you procrastinate the more the work builds up on you and deadlines catch up to you. I’ve noticed it with workers in the office for example, work ends at 6pm but I will see a few workers stay behind usually to wrap up some thoughts on an analysis or finish up an excel write up. Work ethic is important and you have to be aware of what helps you out to stay focused and work diligently. For example one aspect that I employ is putting away my phone in the cabinet and locking the cabinet. It makes me less likely to check my phone constantly and I only take it out when necessary to respond to co-workers.

-Enrique Madrinan

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