Be(ij)ing Caro

The daily life of being me in Beijing; Johnathan and I walk into the office, and usually it’s just my supervisor who has already arrived. I say hello, and we ask each other about our weekends and tell any interesting stories that went down since the last time we spoke. I then proceed to check my email, the company’s email and usually fail at writing the password a few times. Every day my tasks are different. You can find me doing research and searching for articles that I think are interesting for our clients. You can find me writing my own articles. You can find me networking and posting on Linked-In and different networking event websites. You can find me pretending to be top dog, going thru applicants and picking who is worthy of my attention… (jkjk) but actually who is really fit for the job, and then contacting them to meet for an interview. You can find me analyzing audit reports. You can find me learning how to use different CRM platforms. You can find me being the at excel. You can find me creating my own infographics for presentations, emails, newsletters ect. But very often, you can even find me playing the google chrome dinosaur game with the spacebar because the internet timed outL.

I would say some greatness comes with the relationships I make. Even minor people play a role in having such a great experience. For example; the juice lady thought I was crazy when I first “acted out” if she could make me watermelon juice. Now around lunch time every day she has one freshly pre-made and in a cooler JUST for me to buy. She knows how to do business, and we have major guanxi.

Sometimes at work I will get lost though. I’ll be given several tasks at once and then it’s up to me to decide which one takes priority. It’s like a game, which one is he going to ask me about first? Or which combination of tasks can I complete the quickest to have most completed by a certain time. It’s a fun game to play. Then there are other times that I am given tasks slowly throughout the day and I don’t write them down because I am like I have a brain that remembers things…. Hahah funny. But I started to write everything down and take notes about EVERYTHING. It really helps, because anytime I finish a task I quickly look at my list and either start on the next task, or go back to make one better, instead of wondering what else I can do. I am actually about to have a one on one feedback session with my boss so I will let you know how that goes next time!!


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