Wine Not Just Give It My All

At Signature Wine, I am primarily working on marketing my company’s new app that is anticipated to finally launch this month. I have been in contact with editors and bloggers to help spread our news, as well as, produce some original content for my company’s app and social media platforms.

During the month of June, I was able to interact more with our products and understand the process of putting together a subscription package. Not only does my company have to choose the wine, but we also have to design the notes to go with the wines, update our website, and deal with all the logistics that go into delivering 200 packages in one day. The summer time is the slowest season for my company because many of its subscribers are expats, and they tend to leave at some time during the summer to visit their home country. In fact, more than half of our members are gone during the month of July, so my supervisor decided to not have wine tastings, July deliveries, or any events. The office seems to be very relaxed right now because there is not that much to do logistically.

While I am working at a small business with goals to expand, I now understand the challenge many start-ups face. Sometimes after working nonstop all day, it is hard to see the immediate reward. I just tell myself that my contributions this summer are helping my company’s long-term goals.

Some challenges in reaching my goals are that my supervisor is out of the country for two weeks and I have only one colleague (who does not have a college degree or much marketing experience) in the office with me. Like many other expats, my supervisor is visiting America and the time difference makes our communication much slower and less effective. I am also very new to producing marketing videos and am finding it challenging to do it with no expenses. I have to find creative spaces in a city that I still have only scratched the surface of.

From being in China for a month, I have noticed differences in their marketing, so creating content that attracts both expats and locals is also something I have to face. I think the best way that I have found to solving my problems is to imagine that Signature Wine is my own company. It helps me focus on the tasks and challenges me to give it my best. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so WINE not just go for it.


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