Keeping Busy

At JingJobs, I have a very unique role as an intern. I typically am not assigned to any one department or task, but frequently jump around completing a variety of different opportunities and assignments. Daily life typically begins around 10 o’clock, when I arrive at the office. However, I rarely actually have any time off due to constantly working. I have to always have my phone on me and am constantly responding to new opportunities to continue to grow JingJobs. This includes contacting potential leads, continually updating financial material, and marketing to new demographics. More often than not, I work overtime by attending a networking events around Beijing by organization like AmCham. In addition, I have conducted 2 interviews as of yet that have allowed me to expand my knowledge about local leaders in their respective industries. Perhaps the most time consuming element of my internship is event organizing. This includes planning, marketing, and implementation of ideas that allows critical and creative thinking. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of reaching the goals of my internship is continuing to manage all of the different tasks that I am responsible for and ensuring I don’t forget anything. I am helping Sam implement a new internal calendar that will allow better management as well as a cloud-based solution, so we are no longer as reliant on emails for document transfers.

Maxwell McNaull

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