My Professional Goals in Beijing

I hope that through this internship I can develop my work ethic further, as well as improve my report presentation skills as well as be better suited to analyze trends in the market and industries. While I already have a good work ethic back in Gainesville I want to improve since there is always room for improvement. For example I wish to be better about distractions and procrastinating with such trivial things. I want to become more efficient with my work and be able to do more in less time while still producing the same high level of quality content. Another important asset I wish to acquire is the ability to condense information in a neat and presentable manner. For example I have seen and learned from my coworkers on ways to present investment teaser reports on companies or how to more professionally format data in excel. One specific task that has forced us to learn how to condense information to only the important points is doing company research to the point where you have roughly 4 pages of information and are told to condense it into a single presentable page. Another very useful skill that I wish to realistically learn as well is the ability to better analyze market trends and to pick out useful information from such analysis. For example I had to look up the top 40 SAAS cloud computing companies and then research, which companies had invested in each one. Upon further research I had to also find trends among the investors and further investigate each investor to see if I could pinpoint and trends in their investments. Such tasks begin to develop my business-orientated mind and help grow me as a businessman as my skills develop. Currently I hope to continue working on this 3D technology acquisition the company is trying to do. They plan on becoming owners in 3 major 3D companies and while I won’t disclose the main objective, it would be the first of its kind in China and very exciting to be a part of. Also I have been assigned to work on the possibility of a ski resort project 2 hours north of Beijing and have met personally with the owner who is very kind and a passionate man who owns several ski resorts around the world. One of my goals is hopefully to see the fruition of my work on at least one project before I leave. It could be just the acceptance of the project by the company or seeing the investment of capital behind it. Seeing the fruits of my labor would be rewarding and fun to see.

-Enrique Madrinan

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