No Slowing Down

Lee World Group can best be described as a conglomerate that is constantly looking for more opportunities. In discussions over the phone during my initial interview, that was a key point that my now supervisor wanted to ensure that I understood about the company- Lee World invests in a new market approximately every 2-3 years, and they have absolutely no intention of ever slowing down.

There are over 200 people employed by Lee World, but in the office space that I work in there is only about 12-15 people on a day-to-day basis. My boss’ name is James Lee- he is a young Beijing local that runs the Beijing office here as the Investment Director. He is the son of the Founder and CEO of the same name. My role in the company follows the pattern of the company itself, meaning that I truly do a bit of everything. One day I could be working on translating some documents that are vital for a business transaction, and the next I’m told to travel with James 2+ hours out of Beijing to visit and take notes of a factory that they could potentially purchase. This type of environment gives me the opportunity to see the truly hectic lifestyle of a business of Lee World Group’s size, showing me first hand how rapidly things can change. There will be days where my only task is to do research for real estate in the United States, and other days will it feels like I don’t even have time to take a breath, and for that I am extremely grateful.

In my opinion, the biggest issue that Lee World has is being able to firmly grasp the concept of a market before jumping all in. Sometimes, they look to enter a new market when not enough information is available to figure out if it is a viable business investment. However, Lee World has taken measures to ensure that they get consulting from a variety of experts before attempting to join a market, something that was not done in the past.

Looking forward, I hope to contribute to projects that will be based in Latin America, where my fluency in Spanish will be a necessary skill for the business to thrive.

Fernando Spada

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