Life of a Consultant

Asia-Pacific Management Consulting (APMC) is a management consultancy that specializes in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises from Europe, mostly Germany, to expand in the growing Asian markets. However, the company is trying to reverse this trend and is attempting to help local Chinese companies expand to European nations. APMC offers clients all-in-one solution services including executive search, HR-Consulting, market research, mergers & acquisitions, and auditing.

Currently, 25-50 people are employed by APMC throughout all subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, but only 4 (including Caro and I) reside in the Beijing branch. The Beijing branch does not have a department structure, but rather everyone works together on every aspect of the business. However, we have one senior employee, Lisa, who handles all of the accounting and finance while our supervisor handles all the upper-level management decisions. Caro and I focus mainly on the marketing, HR, and the research part of the business as of now, but we have room to ask for and participate in accounting and financial projects as well. Although we have our distinct roles, we all collaborate and voice our ideas to make sure the business runs smoothly. Our supervisor, Jelte Wingender, is the Branch Manager in Beijing for APMC. He is a very passionate consultant who wants to see us succeed in our future careers. He has given Caro and I the opportunity to tailor our internships in the way that benefits us the most. Also, he gives us the freedom to speak freely about ideas we have for improving the business which makes us feel like we are valued and an asset to the company.

The goal for the Beijing branch of Asia-Pacific Management Consulting is to seek new potential clients in the German Centre and through other means such as trade fairs in order to expand the business in the northern part of China. Since APMC is a German consultancy, the Beijing branch is trying to target German companies from different industries to become potential clients. Although the company has been successful in helping German companies expand into China before, there will be some new challenges to overcome. The main challenge the company has to face is to differentiate themselves from the stiff competition of German consultancies with slightly more experience that are located in the German Centre. Our company must develop a unique business strategy to attract potential clients to our services and I am confident that our team will rise up to the challenge and achieve our goals.



-Jonathan Nassar


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