For What It’s Worth

The name of my company is EventBank. It is the first Software as a Service(SaaS) of it’s kind. We facilitate the membership and event management of companies all over china and even some in the US. I am in the Business Development department. So far, It has been an amazing experience because I am another worker at the company, not just an inter. If someone has any doubt about a translation or they need an opinion, they consult with me. I attend meetings with potential and existing clients, I even prepared an entire gala with the help of my colleagues. This past weekend I was part of the team that ran Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s first ever-annual meeting ant it was definitely a worthwhile experience.

My supervisor is Kristen. Kristen is crazy…not Rain crazy…Crazier than Rain. I know folks, I didn’t know that was possible either. She is the Head of Marketing at EventBank. Since I’ve been here I do a lot of her work so she’s on the phone a lot. She is very charismatic and always moving.

The goal of my company is to empower organizations to build, manage and transform communities with an all-in-one engagement management software. Event and membership management, CRM, email marketing, and more. We have 50-60 employees and to be honest, the employees make the company. Whether I’s Lido cracking Jokes or Lin never understanding what it is I’m saying, that’s what It’s all about. The culture is not collective but it also isn’t Individualistic, It’s somewhere in the middle.

Right now the biggest challenge is expansion. We acquired AIIB as a client so that’s huge but we need more clients, so we are focusing on smaller companies. The more Associations we contact the better. EventBank has a solid product, so we have moved from the product development stage to the hardcore marketing and client acquisition stage. I’m just happy to help the company advance even though one day we’ll part ways.

P.S: I’m currently planning Team building activities for a bunch of Chinese people. That should be interesting.

P.P.S: <—Are you Happy RAIN (she knows why I said that)

Jorge Alvarez

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1 Response to For What It’s Worth

  1. Jason Ward says:

    Proud of you, Jorge.



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