Sip on This

Although I am interning at a wine company this summer, my internship is does not involve drinking. (In fact, I have yet to try some wine that my company distributes.) During the past two weeks, I have quickly adjusted to getting to work by 10am, worked on a few projects, and started to find out what I know and do not know. Since there are currently two employees at my company, I believe I am able to get a better understanding of how a business works, and I intend to learn as much as possible from this exciting opportunity. There are no departments or set jobs/tasks for a person, everyone just does what the business needs. One day I could be doing research, another day I could be compiling wine education material, and another day I could be delivering wine to a subscriber.

During my internship at Sigwine, I hope to improve on my speaking, critical thinking, and writing skills. These skills are imperative for any great employee and I will be able to use them in any future position. While I have taken some classes at UF that “teach” these skills, I believe one class is not enough and I have room to grow. Subsequently, by having these skills, I believe I will have more confidence in myself. During any networking event, or career showcase for example, I want to properly demonstrate how valuable I am or could be. Growing my network while in Beijing is highly important to me.

Further, I hope to research strategies to help my start-up company be more successful. Currently, most of the subscribers are expats because subscription services are new to China. Many locals are hesitant about joining because it means that they would have to pay for the service/product before they receive the wine. Another project that I am excited for is to produce some video content for our new app and social media platforms. Much of the content is inconsistent and ordinary.

Some of the challenges I face during the next five weeks are that the market that we cater to is “dead” during the summer time. Many expats leave China and head to their home countries (including my supervisor), which means no demand for our company. While my supervisor is away for two weeks, I will be working with my colleague on producing marketing content for magazines and for our own social media platforms. However, my colleague does not have a marketing background.

Finally, being an intern in China, it goes without saying that I am eager to learn about the business culture in China, Chinese markets, and Chinese culture. I am ready to be challenged and grow more during the next five weeks. I cannot wait to reflect back to this moment and see how I have changed for the better.



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