It’s only been four weeks?

The past three weeks of the internship has allowed to get dip my toes in the water and get used to the routine of going to and from work, completing daily assigned tasks, and generally adjusting to the life that is working. These weeks have given me enough time to now get to know my environment and surroundings. I think now I know where I fit in, but more importantly, I know where I am not so strong in. Specifically, I have three skills I wish to be able to develop further in these following six weeks:

1.) Chinese language skills

2.) Communication skills

3.) Time Management

In more depth, my language skills (even in the past three weeks) have improved a lot as I have become really comfortable using Chinese to talk to people in my daily life. However, by Chinese standards, I would say I am only capable on a kindergarten or 1st grade level. It is a personal goal for me to be completely conversationally fluent by the end of this internship, because not only is speaking Mandarin a very useful skill, but it is also important in my own identity as a Chinese-American.

Secondly, my Communication skills are really put to the test here because not only is there a language barrier at my workplace (which contributes to about 70% of the issue), but behaviorally, Chinese people behave differently than American people. While my workplace is very free-spirited and open, the expectations of my supervisors still reflect some cultural differences between them and myself. For example: I displayed to my coworkers that I am able to speak Chinese however, they still choose no to speak to me and only speak to my supervisor even though I sit next to her and understand what they are saying about me.

Lastly, my internship position, although when there is work to be done is very busy, otherwise has a lot of free-time. In this time, my supervisor tells me to find things that I like and report to them so that they can use that to incorporate into my assignments. They explained this in a very vague manner suggesting that I am free to do what I want in my time and that I can decide my own deadlines. While this is very lenient for myself, I have to remind myself that discipline is important to develop good work ethic. Working in a marketing and public relations company for the technology and video game sector really is just what it seems like. Even if I do not have a lot of assigned tasks, it is a good idea to keep myself busy with meaningful tasks with the time I have everyday to not only progress myself, but also the company I represent this summer. Let’s just see how this goes.

So far, I am responsible every day to do research on recent daily news regarding our company’s clients and stakeholders and anything that can be promoted for them. I spend most of my day researching and searching for anything that my supervisors ask me (to the extent of my VPN connection) and then make reports and/or spreadsheets of what I find. My supervisor specifically wants me to attend an upcoming meeting with a client because they know that I can read English better than the others, so I am excited to help out!

-Kevin Oula

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