During this internship I hope to improve my skills when it comes to networking. Networking is a huge factor when it comes to the Business world and having entered into a business major, late in the game, I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. Fortunately, my supervisor is very passionate about networking and has mentored us on our Linked- In accounts since day one. He even let us go take professional head-shots at as studio nearby during work hours. He has also sent us many links for different networking events that are taking place in Beijing, and enrolled us in the German Chamber of Commerce Interns group, so that some of these events can be free.

Another strength I hope to develop is the ability to do things without specific guidance or direction. In the real world, no one is holding your hand and giving you step by step instructions, because if they were, they might as well be doing the task themselves. Instead, they give you a task, and let you learn by experience and give you more freedom. While I am here, I also hope to gain some knowledge on how they do accounting in China. I am not so sure exactly when I will use this knowledge since it is completely different here in China than in the U.S but I think it will be very beneficial to learn since I do not know what exactly the future holds for me.

One of my specific projects that I am working on now is creating a guide with an info-graphic on how to properly shut down your business in China. This is exciting for me because my work will be posted and also used for clients. I did not expect to be doing something like this so it will definitely be an achievement.

The main project we have as interns so far is doing market research within the German center towers to potentially find clients in the building. This leads me to one of my goals; finding a client. My supervisor has promised Johnathan and I that if we land the company a client, that we will get the commission for that specific project. This is a very motivating concept for me, as I feel it will push me to attend more networking events and truly be putting maximum effort. Alongside the internship, another goal I have for my time here in Beijing, is hopefully figuring out which sector of finance I wish to purse, if it is finance at all. I have been doing a little bit of everything and I plan on doing a lot of career and field research on my own time as well.



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