Coming into my internship, the main goal that I had was to Network. This remains the same, however, there are many skills that I have developed and hope to develop. The first one is being able to take some orders. As an entrepreneur who absolutely hates being told what to do and being micro managed… I’m learning what it is like to be an employee. Maybe I will be an employee in the future (to fundraise for my businesses), so it’s nice to get some experience. Second, This experience is reinforcing my entrepreneurial spirit because I would be miserable working any job for the rest of my life. Unless I’m working for myself… I will never be happy. So, if in 10 years you see me in a 9 to 5, you have the right to slap me in the face and all that good stuff. I bet Rain is marking her calendar already. I also wanted to develop my communication skills. We have wechat, skype, and Chinese people who speak very broken English. Communication with them was a little bad at first, but it has improved. Especially as I learn a little more Mandarin everyday. My ability to multitask now is officially insane. Meaning that I have up to 5 tasks at once in my mind and I execute them all successfully in a short amount of time.

This internship comes with a lot of responsibility. I’m not doing paperwork. I’m actually planning events, and helping EventBank have a better product. I have helped every department here; my favorite thing to work on has been setting up events. I hope to keep doing this.

By the end of this internship I want to have networked with a large number of people. I also want to receive a general idea of how I want to run my businesses by observing the business culture here. I like the collectivism. The worst thing in the world is sitting in a cube and not talking to anyone because there is no one there. Unless that’s what you prefer, if it is then that is wonderful. But I would like an open work environment (Google is a great example.). The challenges here are external than internal. Getting out there, and talking to people can be hard sometimes but I usually do it anyways. Networking has become easier through the years for me, so it’s not too much of a challenge. The challenge is meeting the right people. And to do this you need to meet everyone and then choose who the right people are.


Jorge Alvarez

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One Response to A LOT OF WORK

  1. Jason Ward says:

    Calendar marked Jorge, calendar marked. -Rain


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