The Office.

As you may know, the first day was interesting. I got introduced to a really cool co-worker called Lin. He thought that I was from Spain and that I loved Cuba, which is apparently Chinese college basketball. My supervisor is as crazy and as charismatic as me. A Chinese man spilled some noodle juice on me. A Chinese lady who looked like a very nice person called me “fresh meat”. I didn’t have to deal with rain… I had to wear a rain jacket today, and it was laughing really loudly. I got lost for a good 40 minutes on day one, and only about 2 hours on day 2, really fun stuff. I got videos narrating my experiences and everything, very fun stuff.

My work is very modernized so most people speak English. I was expecting the guanxi and face to be a little more relevant. Instead I heard my coworkers have an entire convo about diarrhea for about 30 minutes (someone translated). My supervisor and my boss are both Americans, and my favorite part is that they actually give me responsibilities. Sure I have buswork that they don’t want to do, but I just got put on a project today that has a 10 day deadline. EventBank is a very fast paced company that fits my entrepreneurial spirit and drive perfectly. It is full of wonderful people that joke around and have fun but I have never seen such love for a company.

I don’t sense that fake spirit that many people in cubicles have. It is an open space, so everyone tries to help each other. No one really talks to me much, other than the usual hello. But that’s fine. In the U.S all I did was talk, and like many of us, I talked without even knowing where I was going half the time. But here in China, I sit down, open my laptop, and observe everyone be themselves during the little breaks I get. Yes, I’m busy a lot, but I don’t mind doing the work, I’ve worked for only a few days and I already feel a sense of attachment to the company.

P.S This one goes out to the new friends that came with me to Beijing and to Jason for making the experience and the assimilation to the culture so memorable.

P.S.S Thank you for being such a good sport Rain.

Jorge Alvarez

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