My First Week on the Job

During the first week of my internship with CHEERS Wines my supervisor emphasized the importance of establishing connections with other professionals in the area. By doing this, I will be able to help build the brand by creating strong marketing relationships with others. I will be working mostly in marketing and event planning to build brand awareness in the Beijing area. In addition, I am learning the importance of creating a unique and positive experience for our customers – both internal and external. In fact, I learned that company leadership weighs more heavily the perceived amount of “happiness” that is generated than the actual sales dollars when determining the success and profitability of its promotional events. This is so different from the other companies I have worked for in the United States. During my past work experiences, it was all about the money. Every month, week, day and hour had concrete sales goals that were non-negotiable. If the stated goals were not met, it was extremely difficult to justify the shortcoming. I am very excited to learn the value in other types of business functions besides sales generation.

Since the company is Swiss-owned, the company culture is very westernized. I am, however, the only native English speaker in the office. All day I get to train my ear to pick up new words in Mandarin and I also get to listen to a lot of conversations between employees spoken in German. It is amazing to work for a company that is so culturally diverse. The work environment seems to be fairly casual, yet all employees remain on task and are enthusiastic about their work. Whether you are a customer browsing through one of the stores or an employee sitting behind a desk, CHEERS really does make you smile! This is similar to what I anticipated after doing research on the company and its history but not to this magnitude. Everyone in the office seems so happy and easy to get along with. I am very excited to continue to learn through this experience and build valuable, long lasting relationships with my co- workers.

– Jeremy DeLeon

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