Guanxi – Maxwell

Since I first learned about China, a common phrase I had heard consistently is Guanxi. I often wondered what it meant and through this course the past week, I have been able to grasp a more firm understanding about what Guanxi is and how it is incorporated into Chinese society.

Guanxi is a system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and in some ways all aspects of Chinese society. It is incredible important in Chinese business, since it is the foundation of all transactions. More often than not, business relationships are formed and created for longevity, as opposed to American society where you are looking for a good deal. Ultimately, Guanxi will be critical to my success in China and abroad. Not only is it a tool for my professional life, but also my personal life. Much of Chinese business has to do with relationships and the ability to form those relationships and maintain the relationships are extremely important as I continue to develop my business skills. This cultural aspects will impact all aspects of my experience in China since it is the basis of nearly all decision making. I look forward to continuing to explore and enhance my knowledge of Guanxi as well as other terms such as  Mianzi or “face”.

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