Two Words: Beihai Park

After sweating, subway rides, and countless walking we made it! The entrance of Beihai Park looked like I was stepping into a whole new world. The gate was painted so vividly, it looked like it was right out of a history book. Some places in this world you can imagine them, sometimes you read about them, but other times not even your wildest dreams can imagine such a scenery.  I can’t even describe the inner peace or the sense of belonging you can feel when you stand in the middle of this park and just breath in and breath out. This place captivated all my senses and even the boat ride felt magical. Everyone was gleaming with joy and some even danced to the sounds of the local street singers. I am glad to say I visited such a spectacle and felt so at ease. Even when your thousands of miles, China can still feel like home.

Stephanie Lucena

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