Teaching English

The first week of class has been a challenge in that I have been given the job of teaching the highest scoring students at the English summer camp for students who didn’t exactly do well on their English exams, all at the most prestigious university located in the capital of the world’s premier up and coming superpower. This creates quite the challenge because there is a noteworthy discrepancy between the English language skills of my students and their advanced intellect. The question then arises of how to deal with this discrepancy, and the answer may have come in the form of suggestion by one of my more outgoing students. He suggested that my co-volunteer and I invest more time in open-ended classroom discussion as a way to develop verbal skills (beyond the warm-up questions that we have already been doing). I think this would be very effective in managing the aforementioned “discrepancy” because of the fluid nature of class discussions. Additionally, it would be effective in managing the variability in verbal skills between students in the class, with Christine and myself guiding both the content and language level of the discussions based on who is participating. Let the second week shenanigans begin.

Evan Cartagena

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