Shocked by the First Day of Class

I was definitely shocked when I walked into my class on the first day and opened the class with an extremely enthusiastic and loud good morning and got an even more energetic response from my class. I am teaching a class of mechanical engineering students with 49 boys ad one girl. My class has blown me away with their energy and spunk during this first week of teaching. It has definitely been a challenge trying to come up with games that not only engage my students but encourage independent thinking as well.

After teaching groups of leadership students from all around the country for the past three years, I thought I had some idea of what I would be in for. However, my Tsinghua students have actually challenged me more than I could have ever imagined. Between working with the Chinese volunteers and my students, I have been forced to think about the importance of every word that I use.

Sometimes it is easy to just say something and assume that the other person will automatically understand what you mean. However, my students remind me that communication is not only about speaking but listening as well. Everyday I try and message my students on WeChat and try to get a feel for how well they understand my teaching and how my classes can be improved. They are always honest which has been one of my favorite things about them. I have taught my students how to be more outgoing but they have taught me to be a better listener and communicator and those lessons are truly invaluable.

Thanks! and thank you for the lesson idea! 🙂 have a great day tomorrow!

Sara Sherman

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