It feels like a short life time…

My stay in Beijing is coming to a close. Time is funny. It feels like I’ve been in Beijing so long, but the weeks have flown by and now this is my last week. This past week has been so amazing. I am getting closer with my students. Some of them asked to take pictures with me and now approach me to start a conversation. My teaching partner and I gave everyone our we chats and we started a group chat for the class. I feel like this has helped make us seem more approachable. Plus I’ve gotten into the habit of just going to the back of the classroom during oral activities to hang out with the students and join in on the activity. This has helped a lot. This next week we are going to take our student to KTV for karaoke. I can’t wait. I was surprised by how excited everyone seemed. Besides teaching I’ve also had the opportunity to explore Beijing further. I got to go to the National Museum and Bei Hai Park this weekend. My Hong Kong volunteer came with me to the park. It was a lot of fun, we went on a boat on the lake and explored all the temples. I also visited the Olympic Park which was breathtaking to see. I hope that time will slow down a bit for the next couple of days. I’m not ready to leave all the great friendships I have made and this lovely city.

Heather Marchini

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