Immersive Learning

It’s difficult to write a post like this during such an amazing trip. After doing so many things in the city and having such a blast with Tsinghua students in the classroom, it is difficult to fathom that it has only been a week since my last post. The people I have met here, Chinese and international students, are the most passionate and caring individuals I have had the chance to learn with and experience so much fun with. As I write this post, I feel like I am experiencing two different worlds. One is in Tsinghua University and the other the city of Beijing as a whole. Being the teacher in a class of almost thirty students is the most immersive learning experience of my life. The other world I am experiencing is the city of Beijing. Its sheer size and massive population is thrilling to experience with a group of friends. Riding the subway around rush hour is a challenge but being able to get around the city without getting lost is a great adventure. As great as this experience and English camp has been, I know it will only get better in the next two weeks. It is hard to think I will have to leave this wonderful city and it’s people but by putting in every ounce of effort I know I will leave with the best experience of my life.

Cristian Paz

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