Adjusting Back

When I left home to come to China, I was worried about how I would adjust to this foreign culture. As I begin this last week teaching at Tsinghua, I am now worried about how I will be able to adjust back to life in the United States. That would be the best way to sum up how much I have enjoyed my time here. Just three weeks here is all I have needed to feel comfortable living in the city of Beijing. Although I will be tired by the end of our four weeks, I know I will want to spend more time in China down the road. I have traveled many places in the world, but there has been nothing I have experienced that is even close to being in China. The best part about this is that China is a huge and constantly changing country. There is so much left to experience. More specifically, Tsinghua has been fantastic. It is difficult to even say coming into class to teach was work, because it has been such an enjoyable fluid experience. Having lunch and deep conversations with the smartest young minds of the eastern hemisphere is mind blowing to fathom. Being able to see how the future elite of China think, work, and relax has been a big inward reflection of myself. As I look towards this last week, it is a race to archive all the remaining experiences I can still learn from.
Cristian Paz

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