Week 2 was nothing I expected. I was apprehensive at first about creating a lesson plan – I had never created my very own lesson plan. I did no know where to start. With the guide of Jason, Kelli and the other Students it was possible. I like the way my lesson went for the most part; I talked a lot about my personal experiences and showed personal pictures. I realized being natural in the way you talk and creating more of a free environment the students paid more attention. Some of the aspects of my lesson that I liked are that I had an agenda to organize the slides, I had lots of pictures and most of them were personal, not just taken off of Google. Some aspects I would improve is to talk less and have the students talk more, I also had too many words on some of my slides, I would also incorporate more English aspects into my activity.

My goal for China is to most importantly impact the Chinese students lives in a positive way. I want to make friendships and I want my students to come out of the camp learning something new. I want to challenge myself to try to make the most creative lesson plans while also incorporating English into them. It will be hard but I with the tips I got from my peers I think I can really make it happen.

I am excited for this adventure and I am counting down the days until we arrive to China. My favorite part of week 2 was going to gator suyaki. This group is not only smart and talented, but they are also very great people. I am excited to be in China with this fantastic group!

 -Daniella Montero

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