There is something we can learn from everyone

This past week was the most fun I’ve had in a class at UF. This week was practice teaching for when we go abroad. Each student made a lesson plan and did it with the class. There were lessons on prom, debate, road trips, boy bands and so many others. Each lesson is paired with an activity with the goal of getting the students speaking. My lesson was on weekend activities as a college student and the activity was planning a weekend trip with no limits.

I found making the lesson plan much more difficult than teaching it. My activity focused on using the future tense, having them plan an itinerary and using sentence structures such as “We are going to…” and “We will…” I can make it more challenging by adding in the conditional would/could/should if I have a higher level of students.

I began by warming up the class by throwing a beach ball. Each colored panel represented a different task. For instance, red meant you had to tell me what you were going to eat for dinner that day. It was a fun introduction into the day’s lesson. Today is Memorial Day and it inspired me to do a lesson on American holidays and celebrations, with the activity being create your own holiday or celebration in honor of anything. So if the students wanted a day to celebrate cake, BOOM we have a cake holiday now. And to be honest, I would love a holiday on cake.

We got to interact more as a group this week not only through the various activities but also at a group dinner. We went to Gator Suyaki for the closest thing to authentic Chinese food Gainesville has to offer. I tried everything (!!!) even if it was spicy. And let me tell you, my palette has a long way to go! It was all pretty delicious but the slightest spice seemed like a lot to me. Overall, I definitely feel that we bonded and got closer this past week. It makes me all the more excited to go abroad with this amazing group of people!


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