A Whole New World

Through this week I have learned more about China than I ever thought I would know. From researching the different dynasties to learning about China’s immense growth, my eyes have been opened to this world I previously knew embarrassingly little about. This week has helped grow my curiosity and excitement for China, and I wish we could leave sooner! What I think I enjoy most is learning the little quirks about China, things that are the norm in their culture but so obscure to Americans, such as children pooping in the streets. It’s these things that get me most excited for the trip because in my mind it’s the little quirks about a nation that sets it apart the most.

Some other interesting gems I learned about China include:
-The nation encompasses 56 different ethnicities
-The culture is virilocal, meaning the parents move in with their son
-It became the People’s Republic of China October 1, 1949
-Business cards and gifts are presented and received with two hands to show importance
-8 is a lucky number, 4 is an unlucky number
-If you finish all the food on your plate, they will think you didn’t have enough to eat

I can’t wait to actually be in China and see what other interesting facts I will learn. I am thankful I will have fellow Gators by my side as we learn and grow together through this journey, but I can’t wait to meet all the other volunteers. -Kristin

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