Well I now understand how parents are able to sit through losing football games, talent shows, award ceremonies, and all those erroneous presentations of children’s talents. 

I practiced, screamed, and feed 54 boys and 6 girls for the last week of camp all for a 3 minute and 30 second singing event. They could of completely blown everything we practiced for and I still would of ran and attacked every last one of them with excitement when they walked off that stage. But, they didn’t they rocked it! Everything we had worked for paid off! The final singing competition was today and my class chorus was dynamite! 

(Sidenote: I have a class of 60 boys, 36 of which are at Tsinghua studying to be in the Chinese Airforce, kind of like ROTC but on massive steroids) 

So the Chorus began with 22 students singing some obnoxious lovey-dovey Justin Beiber song with 2 couples Swag dancing in the front… however, half way through their song, the lovers were interrupted by 36 boys storming on stage in army fatigues to “We Will Rock You” it was the greatest idea I had the whole camp! 

The students killed it, they couldn’t of done an ounce better!  I sat through boring act after boring act just to watch my boys rock the stage. It was sitting there with them surrounding me and their desire to be the best at a irrelevant singing competition that I truly realized the amount of passion I had for these boys and how far I wanted to see them go in life. 

My mom has been bugging me from the minute I hoped off the medical track and onto my true passion in accounting to become a professor and it was not until I sat with these students that I had become so close to in just 3 weeks that I began to realize she just might be right. We can only see what the future has to hold but if I do fulfill those desires to become a professor, I would thank every last one of these students for getting me to that dream! 


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