The BMW Way of Life

Walking, talking, shopping, biking, and more… 

Life in Beijing as I know it: on-the-go! I am constantly catching the next subway, biking to and from the station, and walking long lengths to see the beauty that China has to offer. To say the least, it’s beautiful. This weekend, I dedicated my time to visit more sites with friends including Bei Hai Park (a treasure) and Qianmen Street! While I’ve only listed two sites, I’ve passed through many more areas of Beijing! Taylor and I grabbed an American dinner at The Bridge Cafe in Wa Dao Kou–so delicious! Later Friday night, I went out to the local nightlife area near Wa Dao Kou with Games Group friends and soon came home to rest up before Bei Hai Park on Saturday. What a day Saturday was! We passed by the National Library on the way to the park, and I don’t think we expected anything we saw to be so gorgeous. The views from the encircled lake at Bei Hai were breathtaking! Ferries and other boats crossed the body of water in all directions, and orchestra-type bands and musicians lined the streets of the park. My feet hurt, and I was exhausted, but I would certainly do the biking, metro, and walking again to relive these amazing memories of Beijing’s sites! – Dani

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