First Day of Camp <3

Wan’an my friends! (Good Evening)

  I am so  excited to tell you about my first day at the Tsinghua English Camp 2013. To say the least, this camp is amazing. The day sucked all the energy I had saved for my main focus which is with games group. Nonetheless, both teaching and participating in games group were successes. The day began with a jog at the nearby track, then afterward with some delicious and inexpensive coffee. I packed my bag, got ready for the day, and anxiously rode my bike to the teaching building (with every other student/volunteer). I must admit, waiting at the front of the classroom with Jason and watching the students quickly come in was intimidating! I got more nervous each time a student entered the room. Once it was time to introduce myself, though, my nerves were put aside. Something unexpected, though, was that each time I said something I thought would seem funny, no one laughed. But, when I mentioned something casually, all the students would erupt in laughter (and, even though I didn’t understand what was so funny, I would laugh anyway)! I learned that many of the boys in the class are Miami Heat fans (2013 NBA Champions!). I learned that, for the most part, their biggest fear is snakes! And, their biggest addiction is computer/video games–this one was expected. However, it wasn’t until hosting multiple games in the games group hour that I saw a different side to Chinese students. Their ability to laugh and engage in a group is higher than I thought. They think quickly and simply. They are very team oriented, and I benefitted by simply observing! Can’t wait to write more next week!


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