Experiencing China

After traveling 20 long hours and through 12 different time zones, I had finally arrived in China.  Nothing I learned in my many culture or language classes could prepare me for what I was about to experience.  Going to our first business site visit at Master Kong noodle factory, was not much different from what I was expecting out of these visits with Chinese people/companies.  However the next day, when we went to Zhongguancun Software park and Career International, I saw that business culture in China is changing.  These places were not so strict as one might think, and the hosts actually invited us to raise questions freely and to interrupt as needed.   Even staying in our ‘western styled’ hotel showed the initiative towards change and that people were willing to stay in a different styled hotel than what they are used to.  Going to China, I was expecting an incredible culture shock, some of which I have experienced, however, I have seen many more pleasant surprises than what I had anticipated.  Beijing is quite clean for the amount of people it supports and there is a lot of english around the city.  Beijing has already earned a special place in my heart.

Francesca Leeds

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