Teaching Jitters

Teaching can be a trying and difficult task.  It can test the patience and the self-control of any teacher.  The stress of wondering whether your students will connect to the lesson, and the responsibility of helping these students learn is a large burden.  I had my first experience teaching this week and it was far harder than I had anticipated.  I always felt like teachers just went up to the front of the class and taught a lesson.  I had never taken the time to think of the hard work and preparation that goes into each lesson.  I taught in front of my fellow Tsinghua teachers this week as a trial run and I found myself surprisingly nervous.  These were people I had been spending hours every day with and I was still nervous.  I can only imagine how I am going to feel teaching students I don’t know.  To make the situation even more difficult I will be in a foreign country where I am unfamiliar with the language and the culture.  How will the students react to my lesson?  Will they even know what I am saying and if they understand my words will they be able to relate?  I know I will have to work on the fly and will become a better teacher and student through this process.

-Adam Goldfeder


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