Keeping Up The Excitement

Our two week crash course is over and now we have a little less than a month just before we arrive in Beijing!

So what’s next? I am currently getting to know my teaching partner and we are starting to exchange ideas for topics that we would like to introduce to our students and help them gain some more knowledge on the Western world. I want my students to leave the camp excited and wanting to know more about the West. I also, do not want to waste their time – so I, myself, have to always maintain that want to learn more mentality too. I want to make the extra effort to make the time I have there rememberable.

Some reservations and possible problems I see arising is that the students don’t want to be there. Instead of going home, theses students are forced to stay on campus for the summer. Another fear, is what if they do not understand what I am trying to teach… At all! No matter how prepared you may be, you should still prepare for not being prepared or your equipment not working.

The hill. There may be a point, it may be at different times for every one, but each teacher is going to have to overcome the teaching hurdle. No matter how tough it may seem you have stay positive. Getting up at 6 or 7 am will be tough, but you have to remember why you are there in the first place. Yes, to explore the greatness of China and teach Tsinghua students about Western culture; but most importantly – make their day. If you are positive and excited to be there, it will show. The students will appreciate it more and open up more. So it’s all about what you make of it, and I plan on making it unforgettable.

Talk to you in Beijing!

– Tia Smart


This is it.

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