Teaching Motivators

In our class, we have been privileged to have a few guest speakers come talk to us and give tips on teaching and motivating our students to learn.  All of the speakers were eye openers and I loved hearing what they had to say and all of their insight.  Starting with Patrick Klager who has taught in China for quite a while, telling us lesson plans and the differences between Chinese and American students.  These differences are crucial to understand if we wish to really connect with our students so that they will be able to take something away from this program.  From their view of social relationships to how they perceive time, there are differences between Chinese and American students.  Patrick taught a simulation of a lesson he might teach in China which was very interesting and helpful. 

Next, we had Micky the UF Preview coordinator and Jojo and Albert who are ‘Preview stars’ come and speak with us.  This was exciting because we all knew how crazy but well planned preview is, so to hear from the people who are responsible for that is really cool.  While they did give us a few teaching tips, their purpose was really what kind of attitude to have through the whole process and what we can do to make sure us and the students are benefiting.  Teaching us about the Fish! story and the four pillars this book says is the basis for any successful business will definitely be in my mind when in China.  — Frankie Leeds


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