On Monday, we were privileged to have Micky Howard, Jojo and Albert from the Dean of Students Office talk to us about recreating a “Preview” experience. He told us about a book that goes by the name of Fish. This book is about a fish market in Seattle where the employees not only have a hard and demanding job; but they wake up very early and leave very late for their job. You would think that these workers would be grumpy and mean, however, that is the exact opposite of how these employees are. They love their job and enjoy coming to work each and everyday. They have fun and make the most out of their jobs.

Micky spoke to us about the four tenants of really enjoying life. The first one is be there, as in be present physically and mentally. Choose your attitude was the next one, which means to be positive and concur conflict with kindness. Howard’s team spoke about how it is so easy to be negative and hard to be positive. We have to work harder and go that extra mile so people remember the good. I really like this saying that they bestowed on us. The third tenant is to make their day, which is similar to the concept of paying it forward. Delight people in meaningful ways everyday. Lastly, Play. Find joy and fun in moments and occasions. Make it enjoyable.

This philosophy is so important. Being nice to people and going that extra mile for people is so rare that people are shocked and flabbergasted with random acts of kindness. Micky Howard and his team reminded me today that we need to make that the norm. These are the steps to changing the world and making a difference – Rolanda Charles

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