Hukou: To Keep or Discard??

A regulation in China that sparked my interest, the use of Hukou has had both advantages and disadvantages for Chinese citizens. As we discussed in class, many would argue that China must overcome the outdated ways of Hukou. However, after reading our assigned article for tonight on Hukou regarding “the economic apartheid” that it has created, it’s understandable on both ends why Chinese citizens are often split about these policies. On the one hand, being a college student, I can understand how critical it would be to be registered in the better high school to then attend a more prestigious and academically-enriching university. On the flip side, ridding itself of the Hukou system could prove more harmful than helpful with China’s outrageous population stats. While the number of urban citizens would increase, the resources would soon be limited for the incoming citizens, thus yielding dangerous consequences (i.e. finding a job, providing for a family) for the very citizens who advocate for the end of the ancient Hukou system. 

-Daniella Gennaro

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